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Long-term follow-up results from the FoRT study shows that the optimal RT dose for patients with indolent NHL is _________.
Fill in the Blank: Long-term follow-up results from the FoRT study show that the optimal radiotherapy dose to treat patients with indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma is ___ Gy in ___ fractions, according…
KEYNOTE‑189 study results revealed the addition of pembrolizumab to _______ improves both survival and progression free survival in metastatic NSCLC, irrespective of the tumor PD‑L1 expression.
Which study reported OS results in favor of axitinib plus pembrolizumab, ultimately obtaining the lowest hazard ratio observed for survival in any phase 3 trial, a benefit seen across prognostic risk…
True or False: Immune checkpoint inhibitors bind to PD-L1 and prevent it from binding to PD-1, thus releasing PD-L1’s hold on the immune system and allowing T-cells to freely kill cancer cells.
Due to possible cardiac toxicity during Herceptin and pertuzumab treatment in HER2+BC, patient cardiac function is monitored via:
Which of the following treatments is linked to extended OS and PFS in hormone-sensitive prostate cancer?
Which of the following statements accurately represents the phase 3 MYSTIC study outcome:
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